MEET THE DAWGS:  Barbera and Ted Owens, Raven

Boat Length and Type:  2007 Leopard 43

Home Port:  Austin, Texas

Where are you now?:  Admiralty Bay, Bequia - for the SDSA Bequia Rendezvous

Any current boat projects?  Planning to have a new solar arch fabricated for us and installed while in Trinidad for the upcoming hurricane season

When did you join SDSA?  January 2017

Which rallies or rendezvous have you participated in?  Salty Dawgs: Cuba Rally April 2017, Caribbean Rally to Antigua 2017, Down East Rally 2023, Caribbean Rally to Antigua 2023, Dominica Rendezvous 2024, and now Bequia Rendezvous 2024.  Ocean Cruising Club: Suzie Too Western Caribbean Rally 2018-19

Have you been a Salty Dawg volunteer?  What did you do?  Co-fleet captains for the 2023 Downeast Rally;  assisting with planning for the 2024 Bequia Rendezvous; sharing knowledge and experience with other cruisers through presentations and articles.

What's the most important thing you've learned as a Salty Dawg?  Being there for other cruisers, and a willingness to reach out to other cruisers when help is needed, makes for a richer sailing and cruising experience all around.  We've made so many great friendships along the way, and being longer-term cruisers means we deepen those relationships over time, and each time we re-connect with each other.

What's your most memorable Salty Dawg experience?  Arriving in Rockland, Maine in dense fog and numerous lobster pots, as co-fleet captains of the rally, with virtually no prior experience with any of it!  Welcome to Maine!

What's next for you and your boat?  Raven is continuing south through the Eastern Caribbean chain this season, including a return trip to the island of Tobago before heading to Chaguaramas, Trinidad for the 2024 hurricane season.  We then plan to sail west in the Caribbean, for a revisit to some favorite places for diving and snorkeling, including Bonaire, Curacao, Colombia, Panama, Honduran Bay Islands, Belize, and Mexico - and, somewhere in there, a first-time visit to the Cayman Islands. We're trying to do as much SCUBA diving in the Caribbean as possible while the reefs and underwater sea life are still healthy enough to sustain such activity.