Looking to Crew?

The SDSA welcomes sailors of all experience levels to crew on boats in our Salty Dawg rallies. 

  • If you are a SDSA Member there is no charge to join our Crew Service.
  • If you are not a SDSA Member, there is an annual payment of $20 to be part of the service. However,  annual SDSA membership ($75) brings with it a host of additional benefits including discounted access to SDSA events. Click here to Join the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.

Prior to each Rally, the SDSA will contact each Crew Service member to see if you will be available to participate in the upcoming rally. If you are willing to crew for the event, your profile will be actively circulated to Captains looking for crew.

If you accept a crew position, crew profile by using this form or contact our Crew Coordinator  so that your name can be removed from the available crew list.

Your captain will advise you how to submit your crew emergency/waiver form and keep you advised of all information about the rally and passage. They will also detail your responsibilities, all expectations, and any costs. This is your opportunity to ask your Captain about his experience and leadership style as well.

Your profile will remain in the SDSA database for one year or until you tell us to delete it. Please keep your information up to date by updating your crew profile by using this form or emailing changes to our Crew Coordinator.

Please attach your sailing resume, and include your picture to increase your visibility. Those with well written profiles are often chose first.

May 2019
“I joined the Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) as Crew because I’m still working and wanted to gain more education and blue water experience until I’m retired and able to cruise offshore as a captain. Being a SDSA participant has increased my experience and most of all enabled me to build lifelong friendships with other sailors who maintain a passion for sailing. Additionally, I am impressed the organization consists of mostly volunteers and welcomes anyone to help manage and sustain their nonprofit Association. I love their philosophy of providing education, tools and camaraderie to “Realize Your Sailing Dream,” along with stressing flexibility and independence to accomplish goals. Overall, it has been a great experience being a Dawg.” 
~~Ken on Lake Superior