Captains Looking for Crew

The Crew Service is a benefit provided Salty Dawg members and is available to all Captains at any time. Utilize this service for a rally passage, non-rally passage or individual cruising requirement. 

Use your Member Login to enter the Members Only area and access the Member Directory to sort for available crew.

It is the Captain’s responsibility to review profiles and interview desired candidates. (Please consider less experienced candidates.) Once you have selected your crew advise the Crew Coordinator of your selection(s) so we may remove the name(s) from the Availability List. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions link below for information about how the Crew Service works or contact our Crew Coordinator with questions.

This service is designed to help Captains add additional crew to lighten your load or if needed find an experienced sailor or leader to assist during maiden passages. The SDSA encourages all Captains to provide sailing opportunities to less experienced sailors. Please be a mentor and share the joy of sailing with someone who desires to broaden their experience. That’s what being a Salty Dawg is all about! Please see the links below for more detail. 


FAQ for Captains
SDSA Membership
Preparing for Offshore