Membership in the Salty Dawg Sailing Association offers benefits to both experienced and developing sailors. Come rub shoulders with other Salty Dawgs.  Join now for $75 per year….for your whole family! Your membership year begins when you pay your annual fee.

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As we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our CPA tells us that your $75 dues can be considered a tax deductible contribution.  You may wish to consult your tax advisor.  (Ref. IRS Publication 1771).

And let us know if you qualify as a Ocean Class or World Class Salty Dawg when you complete the Membership Application below.

  • If you have completed a non-stop ocean passage of 1,400 nautical miles or more, you qualify to be recognized on the Ocean Class Register.
  • If you have completed a circumnavigation or completed over 15,000 miles of ocean sailing, you qualify to be recognized on the World Class Register.

The qualifying passage may have been:

  • In a Salty Dawg Rally
  • On an independent passage with friends/crew/or as a single-hander 
  • In another organized event  

All of these blue water adventures will qualify!

For more information about qualifying for the Ocean Class or World Class, click here.



“If you head south in November, or north in May you need to read about the Salty Dawg Rally and then join it.  It benefits everyone--your crew, your family/friends left behind, and especially the captain.”