Meet the Dawgs: Jill and Zach Hummel

Jill and Zach Hummel

When did you join the Salty Dawgs?


What events did you participate in as a Salty Dawg? 

The 2021 Caribbean rally to Antigua.

Have you been a Salty Dawg volunteer? 

Not yet because we started a circumnavigation but we’d love to give back to the Dawgs in the future!  


Where are you now?


Where have you been for the past few months?

The tail end of our Pacific crossing making our way from Fiji to Brisbane, Australia by way of Vanuatu and New Caledonia. 

What is the most important thing you learned as a Salty Dawg? 

We learned so much from the seasoned Salty Dawg cruiser including boat maintenance and repairs, provisioning, great places to leave your boat in the Caribbean for hurricane season and then how to prepare your boat when you leave it for a few months.

What is your most memorable Salty Dawg moment?  

Hard to pick one moment because we loved the camaraderie and built in social and support network. On the support side, we will always remember the time that we needed to take down our very large mainsail for repairs and a group of Dawgs quickly descended on our boat to help us. (The Thank You sundowner party was also epic). On the social front, we loved running into Dawgs as we sailed down the windward islands, creating many impromptu beach gatherings as well as movie nights and, of course, Mexican train domino tournaments.

If you had NOT joined the Salty Dawgs, what would have missed in your sailing life? 

Lots of really great advice from experienced cruisers, enduring friendships and some fun experiences.

What is the greatest gift your Salty Dawg membership has given you?

Confidence and resilience.

What would say to someone who is considering becoming a member?

Join!  The benefits of membership far exceed the price of admission. The ROI is truly exponential.