Yacht Brokerage: Sponsor Interview

Meet Josh McLean of David Walters Yachts

Diane MacDonald-Mackenzie had an opportunity to chat with Josh McLean about the History and Current Affairs at David Walters Yachts. 

You once told me the story of how you got involved in being a broker and David Walters - can you share with our readers?

Absolutely. My journey into the world of yacht brokerage was an adventurous one. After serving in the Air Force as an aviator for eight combat deployments, I transitioned into the yachting industry. About two years before separating from the military, I wanted to pursue this career. During my many deployments, I immersed myself in learning about yachts. I read books on seamanship, devoured yachting magazines, and even worked part-time at a Texas marina to understand the industry's sales side.

After separating from the Air Force and moving to Fort Lauderdale, I had the privilege of meeting David Walters, who had been running his boutique-style brokerage, specializing in high-quality blue water sailing yachts, since 1982. Dave recognized something in me and offered mentorship. Our original plan was a five-year transition, but sadly, Dave was diagnosed with brain cancer, which accelerated the transition process. Over the next year, we spent nearly every day together, and I took over the company. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm proud to continue Dave's legacy at David Walters Yachts.

What have been your biggest lessons learned as a broker?

As a broker, I've learned many valuable lessons. One of the most significant lessons is building trust with clients. Buying or selling a yacht is a substantial investment, and clients need to feel confident in their broker's expertise and integrity. Another crucial lesson is adaptability. The yachting industry is ever-changing, and brokers must stay up to date with market trends, new technologies, and regulations.

Communication is also crucial. Effective communication with clients and within the team ensures a smooth and successful transaction. Finally, I've learned that patience is essential. Yacht transactions can be complex, and it's important to remain patient and focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients.

You have grown quite a bit in the past few years - what do you look for when hiring a new broker to join your team?

Indeed, our growth has been remarkable. We look for several key qualities when hiring a new broker to join our team. First and foremost, we seek individuals who are passionate about yachting. Our team members share a genuine love for the water, and this passion drives our success.

Integrity is non-negotiable. We want brokers who prioritize honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all their dealings. Experience in the yachting industry is valuable, but we also welcome those new to the field, provided they are willing to learn and grow.

Effective communication skills are essential, as brokers must build strong client relationships and collaborate seamlessly within our team. Lastly, we must commit to delivering exceptional service and results to our clients. We're dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, and our brokers play a pivotal role in upholding that commitment.

Tell us about your new team in St. Martin?

Our expansion to St. Martin is an exciting development for David Walters Yachts. Recognizing the region's growing importance in the yachting industry. St. Martin is a strategic location that allows us to better serve our clients in the Caribbean and beyond.

Our team in St. Martin is a dynamic group of individuals who share our passion for yachting and our commitment to excellence. They bring a wealth of local knowledge and expertise, which is invaluable in this region. We're excited to collaborate with them to provide our clients with exceptional service and access to the finest cruising sailing yachts.

St. Martin's unique blend of cultures and breathtaking cruising grounds makes it an ideal location for both seasoned sailors and newcomers to explore. Our team is dedicated to helping clients make the most of their yachting experiences in this beautiful part of the world. Our presence in St. Martin strengthens our ability to provide personalized and professional services to our clients, and we look forward to what the future holds for David Walters Yachts in the Caribbean.