Planning for the 2024 Dominica Rendezvous is well underway.  Please join us in Portsmouth, Dominica February 1 – 8 for hikes, tours, barbecues, beach activities, music, and dancing.  Dominica is a beautiful island and the P.A.Y.S.  guys go all out for the Salty Dawgs.  

Martinique Carnival is indescribable.  Come see for yourself February 8-14.  Anchor early in Forte de France or find a quieter spot across the bay and take the ferry in.  No specific Salty Dawg events are planned, but we will meet up to enjoy the raucous music and crowds and to marvel at those tiny outfits with huge feather headdresses.   

Bequia is a charming destination and there is no better time to visit than during the annual Easter Regatta, March 29 - April 2.  There will be racing and wonderful local events to enjoy. There are fun eateries and lots to do. The Dawgs will surely have special events as well.

Carriacou Rendezvous – Heading south for the hurricane season?  Carriacou has everything you want; snorkeling, diving, dancing, eating.  Join with the Dawgs for a great time in a great space.  Dates not yet set.

QUESTIONS: Contact [email protected]

  Space is limited so contact Nanny Cay Marina ASAP to reserve your slip.  $1 p/ft for monos, $1.70 p/ft for multihulls. (50% savings for Dawgs)
  EMAIL: [email protected] 
  ONLINE: https://nannycay.com/marina-inquiry/
  (Make sure to let them know you are a Salty Dawg!)
  PHONE:  1 (284) 284 394 2512 Ext 2001
VHF: Channel 16
$64 for reserved Moorings, $40 for First-Come-First-Served
ONLINE: https://beyc.com/yachtsmen-marina/moorings-slips/
PHONE: 284-393-2745
Arrive either March 5th or March  6th, 2024.  Customs will be onsite or Nanny Cay will provide a shuttle to and from the Customs Office. We  will  depart the Marina on Friday March 8th and sail to Virgin Gorda Sound for the nights of the  8th and 9th. 
Return to Marina for Farewell Party on Monday March 11th (You can return on the10th or the 11th)
Note: The Marina will honor Salty Dawg  reservations Sunday to Thursday  - slips are not available Fridays and Saturdays.
   Welcome Party with Beverages provided by Nanny Cay Wednesday March 6th. 
   Thursday March 7th - Tortorla Excursion, book a Dive Excursion, Lounge by the pool, indulge in the spa or just hang out! 
   Friday March 8th we will  sail over to Virgin Gorda Sound - stop at the Baths or the Indians on your way and enjoy some BVI classic adventures.
   Saturday March 9th - Party all day at the Bitter End.  Hobie Cat and SUP races, beach party games and a Happy Hour. 
   Sunday March 10th - Hang Out in Virgin Gorda Sound, Head over to Norman's Island or head back to Nanny Cay Marina
   Monday March  11th - Farewell Dinner hosted by Nanny Cay Marina
   Tuesday  March 12th - Depart Marina, continue to enjoy the BVI or clear customs and head to the USVI's and beyond.

 Register here for the Nanny Cay Rendezvous

  Space is limited so contact Puerto Bahia Marina  Marina ASAP to reserve your slip. 
Salty Dawgs save 15%  on current rates: Daily $1.15 p/ft Weekly $.09 p/ft for monos, Daily $2.00 p/ft Weekly $1.55 p/ft  for multihulls. 
ONLINE: https://www.puertobahia.do/
  (Make sure to let them know you are a Salty Dawg!)
  PHONE:  +1 (809) 801-9756
VHF: Channel 68
Arrive April 8th, 2024. 
Customs will be onsite.
Clearance is only available 6am to 6 pm - you may  not arrive or depart after these  hours.
We can, for those who want to depart the DR, clear customs on Friday April 12th. 
Note: The Marina will honor Salty Dawg reservations Monday to Thursday - slips may not be available Fridays and Saturdays.
   Welcome Party with Beverages provided by Puerto Bahia - Monday April 8th.
   Tuesday April 9th and Wednesday April 10th - DR Excursions to Le Limon Water Falls and/or Los Terrenas 
MORE ABOUT LAS TERRENAS & THE AREA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dVMWNr_7Gk 
Thursday April 11th: Bus into Samana for Provisioning
Thursday April 11th: Farewell Party hosted by Puerto Bahia
Friday April 12th - Check out and sail over to Los Haitises National Park for two days
(If you are NOT going to stay in the DR after our sailing excursion to the National Park - then you can clear customs on Friday at the Marina and they have approved a two day satay in the park before departing DR. If you are staying in the DR after the Rendezvous you still need a 
"despacho" for the park - but can clear at your last location.)

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