Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy for participation in 2024 SDSA rallies

Updated February 2024

Vaccination for Covid is not required to participate in SDSA rallies in 2024 but we continue to monitor CDC recommendations.    The risk of severe illness is reduced in those who are have the most current vaccines available. 

To keep you and others safe on passage, far from medical care, it is STRONGLY recommended that all participants follow CDC guidelines to keep themselves safe from infection.

New Covid shots are available to address the latest variants and are safe and effective for most individuals and age groups.

We continue to urge you and your entire crew to receive the most current vaccines for COVID and other preventable diseases.

Note that these recommendations, are in place purely for crew safety while at sea and are not a reflection of policies in place at our destination countries.  According to the CDC the risk of hospitalization and death is greatly reduced among those who are fully vaccinated, especially in older individuals and those with certain risk factors.

These recommendations will be revisited from time to time as circumstances require and is subject to change without notice.

 SDSA Board of Directors