2023 Antigua Arrival Events
Two Weeks of fun with the Dawgs!

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Updated November 11, 2023

Prepared by Bob Osborn, President, SDSA, Antigua port officer, SV Pandora

Upon arrival of the fleet in Antigua this document will continued to be updated and while things are well set, there will likely be updates and probably additions to the schedule.   Not to worry as I, along with Lynn on Roxy, will be sharing day by day events as they come up in Antigua. 

Any questions about all this can be addressed to me, [email protected] or Lynn at [email protected]

As some of our boats are fast and some not so much, we have arrival events scheduled over nearly a two-week period to ensure that everyone who arrives in Antigua can join in the fun when they make landfall.

These events will begin on or about November 12th and run through Thanksgiving on a daily basis.  Most of these are low cost or free and the paid ones, such as the arrival dinner, are very reasonable by US standards.

These events are scheduled with dates below and are subject to change.    Our partners in Antigua have enthusiastically supported us from day one and every year the opportunities for the Dawgs in Antigua get better and better. 

As you approach Antigua you will likely hear from Lynn on Roxy about what is on tap and with any updates.  Once many boats have arrived in Antigua, we will begin a daily email update on activities, sent to your shoreside email address. 

In addition to the following list, there will be informal events, hikes, get-togethers on the beach, sundowners aboard fellow Dawg boats and lots of fun dining out at the many restaurants in the vicinity of Falmouth and English Harbors.

The arrival of our fleet in mid-November is a big deal for the island as the fleet shows up several weeks before the “official” season begins which makes our arrival very special.   The Minister of Tourism Charles “Max” Fernandez, generally makes a point of welcoming us in person as we celebrate our arrival and I expect that this season will be no different.  

To book your spot in the Dockyard, reach out to Jolene.  Rates begin at less than $1/US for monohulls so this is a deal not to be missed.  Members of Salty Dawg will receive special rates and a list of all participants has been shared with Joleen so she will know you are a Dawg when you check in.  

Jolene Jacobs-Imhoff

Nelsons Dockyard Marina

Tel: 268 481 5035/5033

Cell/WhatsApp: 268 764 5022

Fax: 268 481 5029

Email:  [email protected]

Or       [email protected]


The following describes a few of our key partners for many of our arrival events.

First, our partners: 

Antigua Yacht Club:  The Antigua Yacht Club is the glue that holds the yachting community together in Antigua.  They have been very supportive of the Dawgs and continue to welcome us with open arms.  In addition to hosting a member-guest event, free to the Dawgs, they hold many sailing events and maintain an excellent small boat fleet available to members.  Consider joining at special rates for a month or the whole season.   Support them as they support us. 

I am sure that you have heard about the terrible fire in the Antigua Yacht Club Marina.  It is important to note that the club itself was untouched as the fire, as devastating as it was, was confined to the businesses on the pier.  The areas where we hold our events were not damaged.

There are many other events at EYC, quiz night, all you can eat sushi, steak night and live music.  (check out the board in the Clubhouse, above the office in Falmouth harbor)

Admiral’s Inn:  Siblings, Paul and Astrid, whose parents founded one of the first resorts in Antigua are hugely supportive of the Dawgs and we will have a number of events at the Admiral’s Inn, located in the heart of Nelson’s Dockyard.  The facility includes both the Admiral’s Inn and Boom poolside restaurant across the harbor via free ferry.  Consider a bit of shore time or have friends and family come down to enjoy the arrival events.  The inn is offering special rates for our members and friends so consider booking “shore time” upon arrival.  You won’t be alone as I understand that many of you have booked rooms.  If you have not, it’s not too late.  Face it, you need time ashore after a long voyage.  Follow this link to the rates and how to book your room.


Arrival events calendar:  This list of events is pretty solid but there may be some last-minute changes.  Stay tuned to be sure that you do not miss out on anything. 

We will likely be setting up some events in December when many Dawgs are on-island. 

If boats arrive sooner than the events planned, we will organize additional get-togethers.  To keep everyone connected there will be a VHF net lead by Bill aboard Kalunamoo.  This will be held daily at 08:30 on VHF 72.  Note that the hailing channel in the Caribbean is VHF 68 with VHF 16 reserved for emergency traffic only.   This net will easily be heard in both English and Falmouth Harbors during the arrival period.  If you are considering making landfall in Jolly Harbor, please reconsider, as you will not be able to participate in events and will not be able to hear announcements directed at the fleet on VHF.


November 12th17:00 to 19:00.  Antigua Yacht Club Early Arrival Happy Hour.  This will be held at Club Sushi, located above the club office adjacent to the Antigua Yacht Club Marina.   It will be an informal event for any Dawgs in the area along with interested cruisers.   You might want to stick around for dinner after cocktails.

November 14th17:30 to 18:30  Tot Club Special Tot for the Dawgs at the AYC clubhouse.  As a “card carrying member” of the Royal Navy Tot Club of Antigua and Barbuda, Bob of SV Pandora will be your host for this very special ceremony.  You will learn about Royal Navy history and share a “tot” of rum with fellow Dawgs.  For $2/US you get a dram of Tot Club Rum, a deal that cannot be beat. The ceremony will begin promptly at 18:00.  There will also be happy hour prices at the bar.  No hats, bare feet or ringing cellphones please, or Bob will be nicked for a bottle of port and we won’t even be able to drink it…

November 15th12:00 to 17:00, Ladies' lunch and Pool Day at Boom, Admiral’s Inn.  A fun lunch and relaxing day at the pool for the fairer sex.  Enjoy friends in a beautiful setting with the infinity pool overlooking the Dockyard and magnificent yachts.  (Make a reservation to secure your spot.  Use of pool requires a lunch reservation)

November 15th17:00 to 19:00 Welcome cocktails at the Admiral’s Inn:  By this time most of the fleet will have arrived so join the gang to raise a glass and toast your successful voyage to Antigua.  Cash Bar/happy hour prices. 

November 16th to 17th09:00 to 19:00.  ABYMA Marine Trades Industry Showcase.   This event will be held at Lucky Eddies, adjacent to the Antigua Yacht Club Marina.  Meet those who can help you keep your boat in “Bristol” shape and help fix all that broken stuff from the voyage south. This event is sponsored by the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Association.  

November 16th10:00: Salty Stitchers Bring your needle point, knitting, crochet, tapestry, weaving, or anything dealing with threads or crafts to AYC for a pleasant hour or two of camaraderie and chit-chat. All levels of experience welcome.  

November 16th: 16:00 to 20:00:  Arrival Dinner and Evening Swim at Boom poolside restaurant, Admiral’s Inn, our “big event” celebrating the arrival of the fleet.  Enjoy a late afternoon and evening swim, cocktails and a great dinner poolside, overlooking Nelson’s Dockyard, magnificent yachts and, of course, the Dawg fleet.  Dress code is swimwear and your favorite tropical coverup for dinner.  Informal. (See reception at the Admiral’s Inn for reservations) 

November 17th:  10:00 to 2:00: Cruisers Roundtable:  Pillars, Admiral’s Inn.  Join fellow cruisers and learn more about great places to visit around Antigua as well as other islands and harbors that are particularly worth visiting. 

November 17th15:00 to 17:30  Salty Dawg Reception at the ABYMA Showcase Hosted by the National Sailing Academy : Lucky Eddy's: Enjoy a beverage and meet the crew at the National Sailing Academy.    

November 17th17:30 to 19:00: Cocktail Party and Demonstration, A&F Canvas and Sails.  Enjoy an adult beverage and some appetizers in the historic A&F loft.  Details are being worked out and we expect some special demonstrations to make the evening special.  (free)

November 18th: 17:00 to 19:00  Antigua Yacht Club Member Guest Reception  (free appetizers and welcome rum punch, cash bar available)  Catered by Angie of the Clubhouse restaurant over the AYC office, she always puts on a great spread.  Join fellow Dawgs and AYC members.  Consider joining and enjoy the small boat fleet, discounts in the restaurant and other club activities.

November 19th, 17:00 to 19:00 Nelson’s Dockyard Welcome Event.  This will be quite an event including cocktails, dinner, live Caribbean music and even dancers and stilt walkers.  The event will be held on the lawn adjacent to the Dockyard Marina where the Dawgs will be tied up.  Our host will be Ann-Marie Martin, Commissioner of National Parks Antigua.  (price $30pp, reservations can be made at Copper and Lumber reception in the dockyard)

November 20th 11:00 - ? Galleon Beach Fun and Academy of Rum Bring your picnic and your floaty toys and spend the day on Galleon Beach.  Register for a lesson in rum distillery and come away with your own special blend of rum in a personalized bottle.  

November 21st:  17:30 La Brasserie French Dining:   Join fellow Dawgs at this lovely authentic French restaurant located adjacent to the Slipway in English Harbor, across the harbor from The Dockyard.   The view is amazing and food perfect.  You will think you are in Paris, but with a better view.  Our host, Isabella is excited to have the Dawgs visit again and I am sure that she will have something special for skippers to keep you coming back.  They are known especially for their fabulous croissants and baguettes that they deliver to you in the Dockyard every morning.  Dawgs get 10% off except for 241 pizza.  [email protected]  Or WhatsApp  +1(268)721 9420.

November 22nd 10:00  Salty Stitchers Bring your needle craft and meet up at The Club House restaurant for an hour or two of stitching time.  Beginners and pros alike are welcome and encouraged to come.  

November 22nd: Beach day on Pigeon Point Beach in Falmouth Harbor  Enjoy the beach with fellow Dawgs.  Better yet, anchor right there.  The beach and anchoring are great.  

November 22nd : 16:00 - 21:00 2-SIX-8 Potluck: Bring something for the grill and a dish to share at the local craft brewery .  Always a fun time.  

November 23th 09:30-14:00 Thanksgiving Day Small Boat Regatta:  Join fellow dawgs for a regatta at the National Sailing Academy. Skipper’s meeting at 09:30.  Two-person crews will compete for glory and maybe a prize or two.  SDSA is making a donation to the group and participants are encouraged to do so as well.  Let’s support a group that is so supportive of Antigua Youth.  Lynn, of Roxy fame, is organizing this and will surely make it a great event.  Contact Roxy to register for the fun.  

November 23rd:   18:00- 21:00 Thanksgiving dinner at AYC Angie puts on an amazing spread that is not to be missed.  (Very reasonably priced with “all the fixin's as good as grandma makes”) $TBD. Reservations required.

November 24th10:00: Cruisers' Mediterranean Roundtable  Join Barb and Ted (sv Raven) for a conversation about cruising in the Mediterranean.  Where to go, dealing with Schengen, and more.  Pillars Restaurant 

November 26th17:00 to 19:00  North Sails Antigua Open House.  Andrew Dove always throws a terrific party and this will be his “season kickoff” with live music. The details are being worked out but you will not want to miss this one.   Surely there will be nibbles and some “adult beverages” for all.  (Free)

November 30th10:00: Salty Stitchers Bring your needle craft and meet up at The Club House restaurant for an hour or two of stitching time.  Beginners and pros alike are welcome and encouraged to come.  

December 3rdChristmas Tree Lighting: Nelson's Dockyard.  Fun afternoon with songs and tradition. 

December 3rd17:00 - 21:00 Shirley Heights:  Shirley Heights, Barbecue and Steel Band.  This is perhaps the most popular event for locals and visitors alike in Antigua.  The Dawgs will have a private party overlooking Falmouth and English Harbors with live music and local barbecue where you can enjoy the signature sunsets that make this such a popular event.   

December 5th Antigua Yacht Club, Club House lecture “The Art of Sail making” 18:30.   This is a member guest event at AYC with Andrew Dove, North Sails.  There will be complimentary “finger food” and welcome wine, as well as an Ice Cream Van and a great selection of local beers at very low prices.  Andrew is a very good speaker and it will surely be a fun way to spend the evening.  All are welcome, no need to be a member. 

December 7th10:00: Salty Stitchers Bring your needle craft and meet up at The Club House restaurant for an hour or two of stitching time.  Beginners and pros alike are welcome and encouraged to come.  

December 22: 5:30  Tot Club at Copper and Lumber.  Wear shoes.  No hats or sunglasses, and silence your cell phones. 

December 25:  Noon - ?  Champaign Party, Nelson's Dockyard Bring your glass and your purse.  Local charities sell champaign by the bottle, food trucks sell great local foods, bands play amazing music, and a great time is had by all.  

December 31st:  Fireworks over Fort Berkley:  at midnight.  English Harbor, New Year’s Eve.  There simply is no better way to ring in the New Year than to sit on the bow of your boat while watching the fireworks over Fort Berkley guarding the entrance to English Harbor.  Try out this brief video tour of Fort Berkley and imagine what it’s like at night with fireworks ablaze!


To be scheduled: 

December 31st:   New Year’s Eve event.  TBD to tie into something else going on in the English Harbor area.

January 1st  Progressive Cocktail Party  Details to Announced